This three-piece rock monster collectively known as AKIMBO have for the better part of a decade been destroying everything before them. With glee and absolute delight, we welcome these fellas to the Red Cobalt family. With guitars, drums and bass as their weapons of choice, they have been able to conquer and both America and Europe...and now...it is Japan. Hailing from Seatle -where the water and air is rich in pure ROCK- these rocking dudes flirt on the edges of rock, metal, hardcore and punk rock. Call it what you want, one thing for sure is that these guys DESTROY!! Dishing up some mega heavy riffs, rock and roll grooves, thumping drums, and shredding vocals, AKIMBO deliver the goods. Hand-picked by JELLO BIAFRA to join the awesome Alternative Tentacles label and also given the seal of approval by our heroes NEUROSIS to join Neurot Recordings in the US, it's only a matter of time that these righteous dudes will take over Japan. Join us or be crushed!!

We are super proud to be putting the first ever pressing of AKIMBO Jersey Shores to help mark the band's first ever tour of Japan in November 2010.

Photo by: Kelly O