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Spain's Another Kind Of Death was born in early 2000. However, it was not until 2001 when vocalist Mario joined the band, that they actually consolidated its sound and line-up. One year later, they produced and released Unfinished, a demo recording of the last composed songs from their current full-length release. Unfinished was highly acclaimed and received many favourable reviews by several publications, and it was chosen as one of the best demos of the month on UK magazine Terrorizer. Since their early beginnings, the band has been hitting the stage pretty heavily since, playing from death metal festivals to hardcore / grindcore shows to industrial / electronic gigs. Playing at home and abroad, they have been able to share the stage with diverse bands such as Entombed, Catharsis, Forstella Ford, Morser, Moho, Submerge, Uziel, Moksha, Adrift and Dead For A Minute.

Their first full-length NO SIGNAL released through Red Cobalt Industries was the band's debut full-length which was released in June 2005. With a combination of dirty and clean sounds, noises, samples and unconventional arrangements, the band's sound quickly became reknowned for its urgency and technicality. However, where the band really hits hard is in the live setting, where they have become well known for their incendiary and insane performances.