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BLACK COBRA--Bestiial Deluxe CD
(Japanese Edition)

Pounding, booming, devastatingly loud, this two-man beast known as Black Cobra hail from San Francisco, California. It's hard to believe that this crushing devastation can come out of a guitar and a set of drums. Containing ex-members of sludge metal kings Cavity and legendary sludgesters -16-, Black Cobra have honed their art to embody the cacophanous sounds of the apocalypse- doomy, sludgy, noisy and totally raw. Bestial- Black Cobra's first full-length release- delivers crushing heaviness with epic dissonance. This massive slab of sludge destruction comes completely repackaged by luminary designer Alan Forbes (Melvins, Fantomas, Mudhoney). This very limited Japanese edition is set to be released to coincide with Black Cobra・s second tour of Japan in September 2009 and it will contain the track "Dragon and Phoenix"- previously unreleased in Japan.

・Limited to 1000 copies worldwide.
・Foldout/Matchbook Style jacket with circle die-cut on thick chipboard-style cardboard
・Cover adorned with green foil-stamping
・4"X 5.5" vinyl sticker
・12 panel foldout poster on special Rose Quartz paper
・Vellum insert with metallic inks
・All artwork courtesy of ALAN FORBES

Price:1500 yen/$15 US plus shipping



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