Native to Savannah, Georgia, these merchants of volume and virulence have seen a number of changes since their beginnings in early 2001. Not only incorporating line up changes but also structural changes to the band, most notably the addition of a second drummer to the band. A lot has been written about their eclecticism and diversity which draw upon a number of artistic and musical influences such as sludge, hardcore, crust, thrash, noise etc. However, instead of being rooted in any established sounds, they actually conjure up something different and yet familiar. The art of making the unfamiliar familiar is garnered through three vocalists, dual-drumming assault, incredibly dirty riffs, well-written and heavily textured songs. One thing for sure is that their sound is LOUD and their approach and dedication is pure DIY. They've toured and gigged relentlessly and shared the stage with amazing bands such as Black Cobra, Baroness, Torche, High On Fire, Coliseum and Ghengis Tron.

We are very proud to see a very special edition of Time Will Fuse Its Worth being released through Red Cobalt Industries to commemorate their first Japan Tour in 2009.