Rock, Metal, Thrash...call it what you want, this seriously talented four-piece from Oakland, California are a bunch of totally righteous dudes who know how to rock seriously hard. A heavy blend of raspy shouted vocals over almighty Sabbathy riffs and blistering solos, thumping drums and gritty sounding bass. Given the band members' backgrounds (Word Salad, Drunk Horse, Yaphett Koto), it's not hard to see how they are able to combine the best elements of hardcore, metal and rock. Druggy, drunk and almighty. Their music will leave you headbanging, swinging your fists, and finally, asking for more. They have toured all over the US and Europe and have played festivals such as ROADBURN. They have also shared the stage with bands such as High On Fire, Black Cobra, Annihilation Time, The Sword, Big Business and Torche.

They will be embarking on their first tour of Japan in February 2010. To mark this tour, we are putting out a very limited Japanese edition of Into Abaddon with special alternate artwork by Derrick Snodgrass and produced by Joe Barresi (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, The Melvins, Tool)

Photo by: Magda Wosinka