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KYLESA-- Time Will Fuse Its Worth -
Deluxe CD (Japanese Edition)

We are super proud to be putting out this unique version and Japanese edition to Time Will Fuse Its Worth. Originally released through Prosthetic Records and Havoc Records (vinyl version), this special edition was released to coincide with KYLESA's first ever tour of Japan. This was one of our favourite releases of 2006 and without a doubt we jumped at the opportunity of collaborating with one of our favourite bands. Combining a disregard for established sounds and desire to experiment, this particular album puts forward heavy-as-hell, encrusted riffs, thunderous dual drumming, and a triple vocal assault that leaves you banging your head and swinging your fists, but at the same time tapping your feet and swinging your hips. This album rocks HARD and it's also catchy as hell. Crusty, sludgy, heavy, psychedelic, dirty, and totally rocking!!!

Not only this, but we've loaded this release with totally amazing artwork by LAURA PLEASANTS, JOHN BAIZLEY, and SANTOS. We have included a wicked fold out 12-panel poster designed by JOHN BAIZLEY and a wicked full-bleed sticker designed by SANTOS. All packaged and wrapped in a completely revamped design put together by LAURA PLEASANTS. A totally slick design replete with beautiful metallic inks and bronze foil stamping on a matchbook style jacket. Everything is beautifully presented in special papers and cardboards. Glossy and matte inserts with John Baizley designs accompany the vellum insert and chipboard style jacket. This is an extremely limited edition that will be limited to 1000 copies worlwide. Due to the complicated nature of the design and the extremely high production costs, this will only be a once off thing.

Price:1500 yen/$15 US plus shipping



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