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Pounding, booming, devastatingly loud, this two-man beast known as Black Cobra hail from San Francisco, California. It's hard to believe that this crushing devastation can come out of a guitar and a set of drums. Containing ex-members of sludge metal kings Cavity and legendary sludgesters -16-, Black Cobra have honed their art even more to continue destroying the stage with maniacal guitars, pummeling drums, and shredding vocals. Sludgy, heavy, doomy, noisy and LOUD! Not only are they the loudest most crushing two-piece I've ever seen, but they are one of the hardest working bands around. They have gigged and toured relentlessly through the US, Europe and Japan and have played in shows with Pelican, Unearthly Trance, Torche, Eternal Elysium, and fellow label mates Saviours and Kylesa.

We are stoked to announce the Japanese edition of their epic full-length Bestial to be released in July 2009 through Red Cobalt Industries.