Black Tusk are a sludge metal trio from Savannah, Georgia. They formed in 2005, and along with fellow Savannah bands Kylesa and Baroness, they are the primary purveyors of the "Swamp metal" sound- characterised by low-end rocking riffs, heavy drums and a swollen bass sound. It is raw, sweaty and right down dirty. Black Tusk combine a perfect meld of sludge metal with crust punk as the background to their triple vocal assault. Make no mistake about it, these fellas are all about virulence and aggression. They mow through hard and fast. With recent tours with Fu Manchu and Pentagram, Black Tusk are ready to slash with venom through the rest of the world.

They will take over Japan in November 2011 as part of their first Japan Tour. To mark this tour, we will be releasing a Japanese release containing tracks from their splits and a number of re-mastered tracks from "The Fallen Kingdom"